About the Book

Using the metaphor of a “Leaky Bucket,” Howard M. Shore addresses the 15 most common issues in the areas of people, strategy, and execution that drain energy, direction, and profitability from every business. Shore provides a practical guide on how to effect change and ignite growth in the leadership team in order to achieve an organization’s full potential. The principles outlined in this book lead to clear and purposeful direction, a stronger, more invigorated leadership team, and maximum growth and revenue, all while reducing workplace drama.

Highlights of the Book

Inside you’ll learn:
  • The 15 most common issues in the areas of people, strategy, and execution that drain energy, direction and profitability from every business
  • How to effect change and ignite growth in the leadership team in order to achieve an organization’s full potential
  • How to give clear and purposeful direction, develop a stronger, invigorated leadership team, maximize your growth and revenue, and reduce workplace drama.

Special Website Offer

Each person who orders the updated version of Your Business is a Leaky Bucket will receive the following bonus gifts:

A Free 30-Minute Consultation with Howard M. Shore

Ask your questions directly to the author!

Howard will take the time to elaborate on any of the numerous topics taught in the book or explain how to utilize some of the more sophisticated tools used in the book.

The Business Acceleration Calculator™

See where your business is leaking money!

One of the key tools used in the book – and with good reason. Business owners and leadership teams have used this calculator to expose thousands (sometimes millions) in losses that have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Access to the Exclusive Activate Group, Inc. Community

Interact and connect with other top tier executives.

Howard periodically offers free webinars and mastermind sessions for his high-level clients. You will have the ability to join in and engage with other entrepreneurs working through the same issues you face every day.

What People are Saying about "Leaky Bucket"

Jerry Fons
Jerry Fons

Howard has masterfully identified the key leaks that every company struggles with to some degree. And not only does he identify them clearly, he has given us the roadmap to plugging the leaks.

Mazal Yehezkely
Mazal Yehezkely

On behalf of our IAC BIG members, I would like to thank you for your wonderful thorough presentation. Our members are business leaders and C-level executives in different firms. They all expressed their interest in how to improve processes and your presentation gave them a good starting point.
We are certain that your book will help us all to further explore ways to make things easier for clients and employees.

Eillen Aguirre
Eillen Aguirre

‘Leaky Bucket’ puts years of reading business books, attending conferences and seminars all into one comprehensive, easy to read, and everyone can relate book. Howard Shore’s approach is simple and straightforward: people, strategy, and execution.

Mark Springer

Howard’s book is immensely practical and filed with excellent advice. For disciples of the Scaling Up methodology, this book is a field guide that you may find less overwhelming from an implementation perspective. This is not to say that the concepts are any less robust than those found in Scaling Up. I particularly appreciate the summary provided at the end of each chapter that concisely articulates the key take-always from each chapter.

Rick Crossland

I read a lot of good business books. This one is exceptional in its “on the money” advice. It will help any business plug their profit leaks so you can soar. Howard Shore provides world-class recommendations and his sage advice should make any self-conscious business leader cringe at the profits they are leaving on the table. The good news is that he lays out crystal clear plans that you can immediately implement to improve your business.

Arthur Levine
Arthur Levine
CFO, Sensus Healthcare

‘Leaky Bucket’ describes the sources of leaks that cause underachievement and explains how to plug those leaks. He also provides downloadable tools to help put his advice into practice. I don’t know of a company that would not benefit from applying Howard’s advice.

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