Restart with Smart Moves

For most business owners, 2020 has been a year filled with the unexpected. Perhaps you’re one of the fortunate businesses whose products were in great demand this year. Or maybe you were able to quickly pivot and adjust to new market requirements, which may have saved your year. If you were fortunate, you had sufficient cash reserves built up to get through any downswings in your business.

Be Smart When Rebuilding Your Business

Has your business been severely affected by the 2020 recession? Did you lose your largest customer, one that produced over 30% of your revenue alone? Chances are, your business is in the phase I refer to as Rebuilding.

What Do You Do If Your Business Is Regressing?

Do you feel like your business has lost momentum or is in a slide that you can’t stop? Not sure what to do? Chances are, your business is in the phase I refer to as Regressing. Last week, I shared the five phases I believe companies find themselves in—what I refer to as the 5 Rs: Regressing, Rebuilding, Restarting, Resuming, and Rocketing. Today, I’d like to talk more about Regressing.

Do You Need a Coach? The Best Professionals Do!

I believe every leader can achieve significantly more growth than they ever thought possible. But sometimes you need a coach to get you across the finished line. After all, who would Tom Brady or LeBron James be without their coaches? If you feel like you’ve stalled, or perhaps your business is lagging behind your competitors, it’s time to consider bringing on a coach.

Of Course You Can Do Better

Do you ever have days when you feel like you’re doing your best, but it just doesn’t seem to be good enough? You’re not able to achieve all that you’d set out to—or need to. I’m here to say that we all have those days.