Keynote and Workshop Topics

Business Acceleration Growth Workshop

In today’s competitive market, there is a better and easier way to lead your organization to greatness. We will show you how companies go from “stuck” to attaining double revenue, profits, and valuation within one year! Gain faster results with less effort by developing organizational clarity and accountability. Learn how to leverage strategy to position your company to lead against competition and remain at the top of the market.

In this half- / full- / or two-day workshop, you and your leadership team will learn how to:
  • Sustain industry-leading growth rates
  • Engage a higher percentage of your employees
  • Build a business model that maximizes cash
  • Develop an amazing culture of accountability that retains the right people

Transform Your Organizational Cash Flow & Lead Your Market

What if a strategic framework existed that consistently produced great companies and was easy to implement? Most companies face a competitive landscape where there is more supply than there is demand, leading to market loss. Failure to distinguish your company from others and improper market segmentation makes it very difficult to generate revenue and, in many cases, requires heroic efforts to achieve desired results. Learn how to attract an unprecedented share of ideal customers through a soundly constructed acquisition approach. Our strategic methods have helped hundreds of companies turn net profit margins that are two to three times the industry average and produce an abundance of cash.

In this keynote, half or full-day workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Sustain growth rates that exceed industry standards
  • Distinguish your product or service offering, leading to better pricing
  • Design a business model that increases cash flow
  • Understand how and why to segment your market properly

Positioning Your Company for Massive Revenue Growth

What would you do if you could learn a few moves every 90 days that significantly impact cash flow for any business regardless of its size or level of success? We are not talking about cutting costs, getting a loan or line of credit, or financial statement manipulation. Instead, this approach is about discovering different leadership methods that produce more growth, cause more profit, and drive more cash. Every business has as many as 21 ways to improve its cash flow significantly by managing it differently. Every one of our ideas are practical and actionable.

This presentation is for the non-financial members of your organization’s executive team. We provide the tools to help them:
  • Improve cash flow immediately using actionable ideas
  • Identify the value of those actionable ideas
  • Learn and implement 21 ways to change your organization’s financial story

Three Steps to Unlock Your Organization’s True Potential

What if it were possible for your organization to experience highly engaged employees, unprecedented growth, and profits that exceed industry norms? By focusing in on three main areas of company culture, you can help everyone in your organization reach their full potential, and as a result, see your organization achieve its full performance. In this presentation, you’ll learn the elements essential to peak performance through strong teams, driving your organization around a central purpose, and building a culture that is second to none. These three steps are the key to ensure you’re “playing to win,” unlocking your true potential.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Be more successful and achieve more happiness
  • Engage a higher percentage of employees
  • Increase employee retention
  • Attract better talent

Other Topics Include

  • Getting The Most From Your Sales Teams
  • Develop An Amazing Culture Of Accountability That Retains The Right People
  • Increase Employee Engagement 3x And Increase Cash Flow 3x In Less Than 3 Years
  • 21 Ways To Change Your Organization’s Financial Story
  • Reduce The Time It Takes To Manage The Business By 80%
  • Are You Meeting And Setting Your Customer’s Expectations?
  • My Startup Has Grown Up – How Expansion Changed My Role As CEO
  • Your Biggest Obstacle To Growth May Lie Within Your Own 4 Walls
  • 3 Tips For Hitting Your Growth Goals In 2020