Who Are You Today? by howardshore, Date: May 05, 2020

When one of my clients asked what they should be doing right now to “look better” in the eyes of their prospective customers, I recorded this video so that everyone could hear my reply.

“Looking good” it’s not about doing one grand gesture, patting yourself on the back, and going to watch some TV. You need to actually be a resource to your clients and community at this time.

Adobe and Loom are giving completely free access to their software to allow creators and teachers to develop distance learning content. Planet Fitness has migrated all of their various in-person classes to online streaming so that customers can still workout with their favorite instructors.

You may not have a resource to give, but perhaps you have the ability to pivot. Nordstrom’s furniture manufacturing division stopped making couches and started making masks for several weeks. Distilleries around the country shifted from making alcohol to making hand sanitizer. Do you have a process in place that you can reimagine to serve your community?

People are watching us closer than ever. They want to know, “when the chips are down, can we count on you?”